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How was the trademark of the arrested businessman given to the wife of the president of AZAL?

Ilgar Ismayilov’s complaint was considered

Former owner of “Ideal” chain of stores, currently imprisoned businessman Ilgar Ismayilov “Ideal Perfumery” and Ideal claims that its trademark rights have been violated.

Copyright and His appeal on this issue was considered by the Board of Appeals of the Expertise Center of the Intellectual Property Agency.

According to the businessman according toa trademark owned by him for many years, was suddenly illegally transferred to Adore Company LLC, owned by Zarifa Hamzayeva, the wife of the President of AZAL.

Ilgar Ismayilov says that, The trademark was used illegally even when it still belonged to him.

Ilgar Ismayilov’s rights to the “Ideal” trademark 20From 05 for 3 classes – perfumery and Registered for the production, sale, advertising and provision of cosmetics.

“The rights on this trademark belong to Ilgar Ismayilov personally. “Ideal” 20“From 05 to recent times – even after Ilgar Ismayilov was fired from the company in 2017, he illegally used the trademark, ie the rights belonging to Ilgar Ismayilov, without any legal grounds,” the businessman said in a complaint.

That the trademarks expire in 2019 according to Ilgar Ismayilov again appealed for the registration of the badges in his name. Although he was not answered at first, it was reported later that, applied for registration of rights in the Adore Company for the same trademarks.

Ilgar Ismayilov’s lawyers say that, there is a matter of priority in law. That’s it according to Ilgar Ismayilov should have been given the right to trademarks: “Last time Ilgar Ismayilov’s representatives were told that, Adore Company’s appeal is under investigation. It was announced on February 9 that, Allegedly, in May 2021, Adore Company was granted the right to the trademark. The decision of that examination was presented. However, the decision of this examination was not made until yesterday.

Ilgar Ismayilov intends to appeal this decision to the court. He thinks that, His rights have been grossly violated by the organization. “It simply came to our notice then that, “There was a blatant fraud, and once again they went into lawlessness,” the lawyer said.

Businessman Ilgar Ismayilov has been in prison since April 2021.

He is the president of AZAL Cahangir He says he was arrested on Hajiyev’s orders.

According to the indictment, the businessman is accused of abusing his position in the company “Ideal” in 2013-2016 and embezzling about 680,000 manat. She snow179.3.2 of the Criminal Code (large-scale embezzlement) and He was charged under Article 308.2 (abuse of power). However, he does not accept the accusations.

The businessman said that, His share in “Ideal” and that he did not want to give the trademark according to He was first arrested in 2017 on trumped-up charges, then three months 10 was detained for a day.

From his share in the company and He was released after signing documents renouncing the right to a trademark. Although he endured for 3 years, then he began to demand his rights. He was then warned that he would be arrested again.

A few days before his arrest, heFacebook”He wrote in his account that, In 2017 in the office of the head of AZAL Cahangir Askerov himself and threat of his wife Zarifa Hamzayeva and Samir Aliyev was forced to appoint a director of Ideal Company.

Slander Zarifa Hamzayeva’s lawyer Ilgar Ismayilov according to Although he filed a lawsuit on special charges, the court eventually acquitted the businessman and acquitted him.

Managers of “Ideal” 2020Sabina also bought a chain of stores in These two companies are included in the Adore Company.

The management of Adore Company changed last year. Last year JanuarySamir Aliyev was replaced by Narmin Ismayilova.

The wife of the head of AZAL Zarifa Hamzayeva “Premium BankIs also a major shareholder. He is also the head of the Gazelli Group, which produces cosmetics.

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