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Scientists have proposed the use of lasers for spacecraft


Colonization of Mars snowOne of the main problems is how to get people there quickly. This problem must be solved in the near future. Specialists were looking for a solution to this problem and they came up with an unusual idea. So. that, experts spacecraft to Mars 45 days to reach within Of the Earth offered to use a laser mounted on the surface. It should be noted that, currently the minimum to reach Mars 115 days need time. Of Canada McQil University scientists to the surface of the Earth 10 meters offered to place a laser cage. This laser cage, in turn, must power the spacecraft. According to the idea proposed by scientists, the laser in the spacecraft hydrogen plasma will heat up.

This process is designed for flight to Mars gas shaped hydrogen will continue until obtained. This method is interplanetary without the need to transport heavy fuel tanks into space pushing force can provide. “Thanks to a laser cage the size of a volleyball court, a laser-heat engine can quickly deliver tons of payload to its destination,” the scientists said. After NASA announced a competition on this issue, scientists began to work on this project. As part of the competition, engineers must work out ways to deliver tons of payload to Mars in 45 days.

The proposed project will be able to deliver astronauts to Mars faster than chemical-fueled rockets with payloads. After reaching the orbit of Mars, the spacecraft with laser heat engines will use the planet’s atmosphere for the braking process. It should be noted that, space braking is too complicated and is a dangerous process. It is designed to reduce the speed of the spacecraft. Traditional spacecraft use chemical fuels for the braking process. Chemical fuels make up the bulk of the spacecraft. The use of the Martian atmosphere for braking, in turn, will allow the Earth to store large amounts of fuel.

Azerbaijan news

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