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Members of a gang that cut down 150-year-old trees were detained in Astara

Employees of the Main Department for Combating Organized Crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) Ecology and Illegal felling of trees in forest areas of the country with the participation of specialists of the Forest Development Service of the Ministry of Natural Resources and conducted an operation to detain members of another organized group engaged in processing.

This was reported by the press service of the Interior Ministry.

So. that, Astara to the General Directorate and Precious white in the territory of Lerik districtsac operational information on illegal mass slaughter of species. This information was thoroughly investigated by the General Directorate and oak in the mentioned areas and beech trees were found to have been cut down.

As a result of search operations, residents of Astara region Sardar Ganjiyev and It was found out that he was killed by members of an organized group led by Sarhad Eynullayev. Persons named as a result of the operation carried out by the employees of the Head Office and Other members of the group who closely helped them cut down trees were Farman Farziyev, Aiaddin Novruzov, Nurlan Jovziyev, his relatives Surkhay Jovziyev and Rahid Ganjiyev. and Nail Zabiyev was detained. Illegal actions of gang members, cutting down their trees and The sale was proved by indisputable facts.

It became known during the investigation that, The detainees cut down trees and sold them after processing them in the yard of gang member Farman Farziyev. Gang members illegally whiteac a large number of whites they sell to processing plantsacof and the location of their firewood has also been determined. According to experts, the age of some of the trees cut down by the gang members when wet 10It turned out to be 0-150 years old.

A criminal case has been launched under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code. At present, the necessary operational and investigative measures are being taken to fully investigate the facts, as well as to detain other members of the gang involved in the felling of trees.

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