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The parents of the dead servicemen are protesting in front of the Presidential Administration


Baku/15.02.22 At different times killed the parents of the servicemen today President In front of the administration action held. They are killed to those “martyred”Status.

“They say he hit himself. Therefore, the status of martyrdom is not given. My son served in Murovdag for 1 year and 6 months, participated in the 44-day war and was awarded a medal. “Six days before the shooting, they said he had killed himself.”action said one of the participants.

The parents said that they appealed to all instances, but to no avail. Protesters President They invited the administration to talk.

Action Reporters Fatima Movlamli and Sevinj Sadigov were detained.

From the Ministry of Internal Affairs Turan There was no information about the detention of journalists, the agency told APA. -06B-

Azerbaijan news

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