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Torture cages in Baku animal market


Every Sunday in Baku, on the territory of the destroyed Soviet-era Karabakh Hotel (iron way behind the station) pet market opens. Some vendors bring dogs and cats there and keep them under normal conditions: tied to a rope or in a cage, and the rest of the week these animals are kept in an apartment or on a plot of land, able to go for walks and eat regularly. Others keep dogs and cats in cages that will not be removed until the buyer leaves.

There is a glass pavilion in the area of ​​this market, where the big young shepherd dog does not come out of the cage for weeks. In the same cage, next to him 10A small dog and a puppy are suffering. On top of the dogs there is a cage with a cat inside, which is always scared.

Dogs halfac, soaked in their own evils, unable to sleep because of the constant sounds of palms around them. They are not allowed to walk, the animals can not stretch, as the floors are made of thin metal mesh. There is always a bad smell and noise in the pavilion. Of animals prices they were set so high that no one took them and they were sentenced to death in unbearable conditions.

Baku animal market animals torture is the place. Visitors with children also see what is happening. Then we wonder where the young generation’s cruelty to animals and humans comes from.

From the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources TuranPhotographs depicting the horrors of the animal market have not been answered, nor have phone calls been answered. None of the telephone numbers of the ministry’s press service listed on the website is answered.

Turan questions Azerbaijan Addressed to the chairman of the Society for the Protection of Animals Azer Garayev.

– Why animals in the country in front of people torture is given and it goes unpunished?

– Yours Baku what you see in the animal market is only a visible part of the general cruelty to animals. The village Horses, donkeys, dogs and other animals are beaten, ridiculed and killed every day on their farms. They are kept connected and ac and released without water. The patient animals are not treated, they are killed because they are cheaper. Old and sick horses are given to butchers.

Of Azerbaijan October 22 20Joined in 03, October 19th 20This is unacceptable under the European Convention on the Protection of Pets, ratified in 2007. Article 3, “Basic Principles of Animal Welfare,” states: No one may cause unnecessary pain, suffering, or harm to a pet. Article 4 stipulates that everyone who keeps or agrees to take care of a pet is responsible for the health and well-being of the animal, allocating a place to live according to the type and sex of the animal, taking into account its natural needs and take care of him, in particular: give him the necessary and sufficient food and water; provide adequate training opportunities; must take all necessary measures to prevent it from escaping.

In 2011 Azerbaijan The Cabinet of Ministers has adopted rules for keeping pets. The purpose of these rules is to enable people to be held accountable for cruelty to animals, including the shooting of stray dogs. But these rules are not followed. In February of this year, animal rights activists in Ganja released photos of the shooting of stray dogs. Dogs that were still alive were bulldozed at the landfill. Same time Ganja city Execution Authorities said they did not order the dogs shot. No one was punished.

These normative acts provide for an administrative penalty in the form of a fine (500 manat for individuals, 2,500 manat for legal entities). This is reflected in the Code of Administrative Offenses. But for the mockery of animals crime Since there is no persecution, there are virtually no fines, because fines are imposed only when what happened is known to the public, and when it resonates with the public thanks to journalists.

– For example, police entered the pavilion in the area of ​​the animal market, saw that the animals were kept in terrible conditions, and asked the seller to improve the conditions of keeping dogs and cats. If the seller wants to indicate the norms of keeping animals in cages, if he asks about the size of the cages, the number of animals allowed to be kept in them, police what will he say

– The point is that in Azerbaijan, the feeding, keeping, keeping, sale, transportation, treatment, euthanasia, breeding, etc. of pets. Such a one about the humane treatment of animals, which will reflect all the norms related to the law not accepted. The country has acceded to an international convention requiring humane treatment. But what do these words mean? The seller protest can: dogs are alive, fed, cages are occasionally cleaned of feces, ventilated. But where it is written that in a cage 10 will not keep the dog? Police he will have to turn his face and walk silently. In fact, in order to combat the pandemic and corruption, inspections in stores are strictly regulated.

2010Society for the Protection of Animals Milli Parliament on the protection of animals the law presented the project. Then they repeatedly told us that the law would be sent to the deputies for consideration one day. Since then, the composition of the MM has changed several times, the law but it has not yet been adopted. Therefore, law enforcement agencies are unable to correctly describe whether it is legal to keep animals at the animal market in Baku.

– Who benefits from the current lawlessness towards animals?

– Local execution Authorities misappropriate thousands of manats allocated for the castration, keeping and treatment of stray animals. On paper, in our reports, this area is not worse than the European level. In fact, urban utilities solve the problem of uncontrolled breeding of dogs and cats by shooting animals at night and burying the right animals in the ground. The forces interested in the adoption of the law on humane treatment of animals should be sought here.

Azerbaijan news

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