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Virgin Galactic has started selling tickets for suborbital flights


Virgin Galactic company suborbital flights for has started selling tickets. According to the company’s press service 6-digit price The owner of the ticket space will impress tourists with incredible emotions. To be able to be in conventional space for passenger $ 450,000 will have to pay. It should be noted that, Owned by Virgin Galactic VSS Unity In a previous flight mission called a controlled suborbital apparatus 89 km had risen to a height.

That’s it according to such altitude is also called conventional space. Basic space according to the standard adopted by many countries 100 kmstarts from. Thus, the $ 450,000 ticket also accommodates a passenger in a high-end hotel located in the American spaceport in New Mexico. According to expectations, the company 1000 tickets will go on sale.

The first tourist flights to work should be implemented by the end of this year. As part of the 90-minute program, passengers will be transported by ferry to the location of the spacecraft and from there the flight will take place. During the main part of the program, passengers will be able to stay weightless for several minutes. Take advantage of this tourist flight for passenger $ 150,000 must make an initial payment. Next $ 300,000 payment to work must be transferred to the company account before the flight.

24 hours“”6-digit price: Virgin Galactic has started selling tickets for suborbital flights”With reference to“ technote ” hit


Azerbaijan news

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