Boris Kester: Destruction in Karabakh shows what horrors people can commit during war


The devastation in the liberated territories testifies to the terrible things people can do in times of war.

Report was told by Dutch traveler Boris Kester, who is on a visit to the liberated territories of Azerbaijan as part of a group of famous travelers from 21 countries.

“There has been no war in our country for many years, and so what I saw here reminded me of what terrible things people can do during a war and it’s very sad,” Kester said.

The traveler noted that this was not his first trip to Azerbaijan, and this time he came here to study the history of Karabakh.

On February 16, a three-day visit of famous foreign travelers to the liberated territories of Azerbaijan began. During the visit, they will get acquainted with the historical and cultural monuments in these territories, with the destruction committed by Armenians during the occupation, as well as with the work to restore the infrastructure.

The day before they visited the cities of Shusha and Aghdam, and today they visited Kalbajar and Lachin.


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