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NATO allies are bringing new forces to Eastern Europe

In general, the task of tanks and 5,000 troops NATOThe main goal of the UN is to prevent any aggression until it is brought

130 German servicemen and 60 military The car arrived in Lithuania on February 17.

It was sent from Germany to Lithuania due to the threat of Russian intervention in Ukraine military is about half of the forces.

Lithuanian presidents Gitanas Nauseda said the German Chancellor Olof Scholz He told them that these troops were ready to fight for Lithuania if necessary.

“The German army has come to Lithuania to protect us in case of danger. They are ready to fulfill their duties. “

Reuters lieutenant colonel Daniel Andre130 servicemen must strengthen Germany’s 350-strong military force in Lithuania:

“We have proved that we are ready to bring a large force in a short period of time, if necessary.”

Here in Germany as well 10Up to 0 military There are techniques.

The eastern wing is strengthened

Reuters writes that NATO Due to the crisis around Ukraine Russia strengthens the eastern flank bordering on.

A convoy of artillery and reconnaissance vehicles and special grenade launchers left Germany on February 15.

Lithuanian Deputy Minister of Defense Margiris Abukevich He said it was important for the allies to be in the country as an element to deter Russia.

In the coming months, 50-60 Norwegian servicemen will join the German-led military unit.

At present in Lithuania overlap 1610 NATO There is a military.

Britain said it would double the number of troops in Estonia.

Russia After annexing Crimea in 2014, NATO deployed four international combat teams in 2017 in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

In general, the task of tanks and 5,000 troops is to prevent any aggression until the main NATO army is brought in.

New combat units

Meanwhile, the German military weather Eurofighter fighters of the forces of the military on February 17 in eastern Romania weather brought to the database.

Reuters writes that 3 Eurofighter fighters and about 60 soldier will join the Italian and Romanian unions here.

These forces are the military of Mikhail Kogalniceanu on the Black Sea coast weather placed in the database.

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NATO allies are bringing new forces to Eastern Europe
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