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“I felt like a soccer ball, not a martyr’s mother”

Oguz’s Deymadara the village resident Rubaba Mammadova also complains about the termination of her pension.

Rubaba Mammadova herself told about this.

According to him, 20In 04 he underwent a serious operation at the Republican Clinical Hospital named after Mirgasimov (“Respublikanski”).

After this operation – 20He has not been able to walk since 06, he has serious problems with his legs.

In 2011, due to his illness pension He was appointed and passed the medical commission every five years.

Thus, he received benefits until 2021, but then his pension was cut.

Rubaba Mammadova is the mother of Abid Mammadov, a martyr of the Second Karabakh War.

Shaki“I’m tired of measuring Oguz roads”

He said that after his pension was cut in 2021, he repeatedly knocked on the door of official institutions and tried to restore his pension.

In August last year, his appeal was rejected.

The members of the medical commission (Ulker doctor) told him that his pension should be restored immediately.

They even sent a detailed explanation and a letter (form-88) to Baku: “I have been to an official reception 6 times, but to no avail.”

“It simply came to our notice then Shaki– I have traveled the Oghuz roads and I know the roads with my own eyes. Shaki“I have memorized the roads from measuring the Oghuz roads,” says Rubaba Mammadova.

Martyr’s mother Although he repeatedly went to Sheki – the regional office, he could not get results. After that, he turned to Baku.

He repeatedly spoke about the problem Labor and Population Social He also appealed to the Ministry of Defense.

He was told that pensions for thyroid problems, goiter and hypertension had been cut. pension not given. At Hospital No. 5, Dr. Fikret advised me to stay in the rehabilitation center for treatment. I had 4 major surgeries, health problems, biliary surgery and family of martyr Although I said that I was facing difficulties, none of my demands were met. ”

Deputy did not help “

Rubaba Mammadova also appealed to Oguz’s deputy regarding the problem, but he did not accept it: “I was practically played. I felt like a soccer ball. ”

He says that he is currently under the care of the martyr’s family – his wife and one baby. Their financial situation is difficult, only the family’s income martyred 500 manat given to his family.

On the issue Labor and Population Social The Ministry of Defense could not be reached.“”Oghuz resident: “I felt like a football, not the mother of a martyr”Published an article entitled “Argument”


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