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The primary cause of the accident in Sumgayit, which killed three people, has been announced

The State Traffic Police Office announced the primary cause of a traffic accident in Sumgayit last week that killed three people.

Head of the department police Lieutenant-Colonel Namidan Piriyev said that, The main reason for the accident is the high speed limit: “True, Baku-Quba There are bumps in some parts of the road. That is why the speed limit on this road has been reduced from 110 km to 90 km per hour. Even lower speeds have been set in some places. It is known that, repair work is underway on the road. This is not a matter to be resolved in a day or a month. However, drivers must be especially careful during this time. It is also indicated in the legislation that, The driver must choose the appropriate speed limit, taking into account the condition of the road and traffic conditions.

“There are a number of other factors in that accident. So. that, The relatives of the victims left in a hurry because they died. Family situation, but also stress and Both the alarm and the high speed limit affected the accident. Failure to wear a seat belt also aggravated the consequences of the incident. Of course that, These are all preliminary assumptions, the incident is still under investigation. Traffic police have repeatedly called on drivers to follow the rules to get to the apartment safely, not quickly. We report again that, first of all our own and We must take steps to think about the lives of our loved ones, “he said.

Let `s note that, on February 17 at about 17:17 Baku-Quba-Dagestan border car Aliyev, born in 1985, resident of Baku, on the 43rd km of the road passing through the territory of HZTagiyev settlement, Sumgayit city Seymour Fikret oglu with a Mercedes-Benz E320 with state registration number 90-TF-497 Quba lost control while moving in the direction of the region and The car overturned by hitting a metal partition.

As a result of the accident, the driver S.Aliyev and passengers – his wife Alakbarova Fidan Movsum gizi, born in 1999 and son Hamza Aliyev, born in 2021 Seymour his son died.

A criminal case has been launched under Article 263.3 of the Criminal Code, and an investigation is under way.

Recall that, The people who lost their lives in a traffic accident died in Gusar region on the same day gasare close relatives of a family of 5 people who died of poisoning and known cause according to They hurried to the district.


Azerbaijan news

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