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More than 2,000 trucks have been assembled on the Russian-Azerbaijani border

Russia– More than 2,000 trucks have been assembled at the “Arms-Drills” border checkpoint on the Azerbaijani border. Dagestan sources report that, The reason for this queue of trucks is the reconstruction work carried out at the border checkpoint. Due to the situation in Azerbaijan, from there to Georgia and Drivers waiting to travel to Turkey are offered an alternative route – they can use the Upper Lars border checkpoint in North Ossetia.

Russia A statement issued by the Federal Security Service’s Dagestan Border Service said that, At present, the Yarag-Gazmalar border checkpoint is operating at 1.5 times its capacity. In this situation, the border checkpoint has been reconstructed since last year, and the border checkpoint continues to operate.

Reconstruction and The expansion plan is designed to expand the capacity of the border gate and create a comfortable environment for border crossings. According to the plan, after the reconstruction, more than 4,000 passengers, 730 cars and 630 trucks a day will cross the border checkpoint. and 40 buses will be able to pass.

Let `s note that, Due to the limited access of the “Arms-Drills” border checkpoint, there were problems with the timely crossing of the border by trucks transporting fruits and vegetables from Azerbaijan to Russia every summer, and long queues appeared.


Azerbaijan news

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