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Putin says the independence of the separatist regions will be considered

Russia Presidents Vladimir Putin said on Feb. 21 that, Russia The Security Council must consider recognizing the independence of Ukraine’s two separatist regions.

Reuters reports that, The so-called “DPR” in the Donbas (Donetsk People’s Republic) on February 21 and Leaders of the People’s Republic of China (Luhansk People’s Republic) to celebrate the independence of these two territories Putinappealed to.

Putin said in a televised speech that, Of Ukraine NATOto be a member Russia can significantly increase the risk for.

Separatist leader Denis Pushilinin Putin’s appeal says:

On behalf of all the people, I ask you to make the People’s Republic of China independent, democratic and legal and social please recognize it as a state. We also ask that, DXR and Friendship also includes the defense field between Russia and consider the possibility of concluding a cooperation agreement.

Another separatist leader Leonid Pasechnik while he writes:

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, I ask you to ask for the sovereignty of the Luhansk People’s Republic in order to prevent the massacre of the population of the republic, of which 300,000 are Russian citizens. and I ask for recognition of its independence. “

One week ago, Russia’s State Duma passed an appeal to Putin to recognize the independence of two separatist-controlled areas in eastern Ukraine.

Commenting on the decision, Putin said he was pleased that, deputies feel the mood of the people.

Duma deputiesand they reported that, presidentAn official appeal will make it technically easier for him to recognize the independence of the separatist regions.

The West has said that the recognition of separatist regions in Ukraine will be considered a gross violation of international law.

USA and The European Union to Russia if this happens snowThey said heavy sanctions could be imposed.

Analysts say that, Moscow has been preparing for the actual annexation of the two regions since 2014. During this period, Donetsk and 700,000 Russian passports were distributed in Luhansk.


Azerbaijan news

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