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Saakashvili goes on hunger strike again

The past president He said in court: You will not see me quietly extinguished. You will see how proud presidents die with their heads held high. ”

Former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili violation of his rights at a court hearing in Tbilisi on 21 February protest and Has declared a hunger strike again, expressing solidarity with Ukraine, which is “fighting for its freedom.”

Saakashvili is currently facing 11 years in prison on five counts.

He is officially a citizen of Ukraine.

Saakashvili has been in power for several months that, to the attending physician, as well as to the United States and A neurologist from Europe who wants to participate in his treatment and He said that neurologists were not released:

“I am going on an indefinite hunger strike from today. This is the regime’s people and is my reaction to his treatment of me. My demand is a People’s Defender and Adequate to me, as required by the council created by the Empathy Center medical is to provide assistance. “

Saakashvili claimed that, billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvilinin judge The goal of the Georgian Dream party is to turn it into his hands and even “Putin for the sake of ”.

“You won’t see me go out quietly.”

The former Georgian president also spoke about the events around Ukraine.

According to him according to What’s happening there right now is his 20In 08, he reaffirms what he said during the war in South Ossetia.

Saakashvili said that, “Georgia is Russia’s and It is only defended by responding to the provocations of pro-Russian separatists.

He addressed the Ukrainian people in Ukrainian and expressed regret that, “Acquired weapons cannot stand on the front line with them”:

“You will not see me die quietly,” he said. You will see how proudly presidents die with their heads held high. ”

Saakashvili previously went on an indefinite hunger strike in October last year and the famine ended in November.

At that time, the authorities ordered him to be transferred from prison to a military hospital in Gori by a decision of the European Court of Human Rights snowwas left in the glass.


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