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The French citizen left the whole city without internet through ‘parental control’


Of France ANFR regulatory body called Message reported on an unusual incident in the city. So. that, A citizen who wanted to restrict his children’s access to the Internet has deprived the entire city of Internet access. That citizen was fined a large amount and may even face imprisonment. So. that, The citizen used an illegal device to restrict his children’s access to the Internet. According to the information, the employees of the ANFR regional service found that there were regular interruptions in the network of hundreds of subscribers. Daily network outages were observed at the same time. So. that, those interruptions occurred around midnight. It became known as a result of the investigation that, The main reason for network outages was a special device.

This device creates interruptions in wireless networks through an interference generator. It became known later that, The perpetrator was a resident of Messanj. That person admitted it. He said that, simply that their children have access to the Internet at night snowbought the device to get the bottle. According to him, his children are smartphones and have become addicted to the internet and they are on the internet for hours at night. However, in some areas of the city of the device he received and he didn’t even know it was causing network outages in a neighboring city. In France the use of such devices is legally prohibited. The person who used such a device in the incident 30,000 euros worth a fine and may even face up to 6 months in prison.

Azerbaijan news

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