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Credit Suisse’s investigation also revealed other names related to Azerbaijan

Past in the report national son of Minister of Security Eldar Mahmudov Anar Mahmudov and Baku Mayor Eldar Azizov are also mentioned

International Corruption and The Journalism Project on Organized Crime Investigation (OCCRP) claims that, The size of Switzerland according to second bankCredit Suisse For decades, some were from former Soviet republics and To dictators from the Balkans, human rights abusers, as well as corruption and held billions of dollars in assets of suspects in other crimes.

OCCRP, a non-profit organization, in February 20announced in reporti giant from the bank information based on leak materials.

Credit Suisse officially took over snowdenied the allegations and data “claim and probabilities. “

Bank said that, some of the information is outdated and some documents date back almost 70 years.

Bribe-takers and dictators

OCCRP said that, word leak switzerland bankis the largest leak and This resulted in the violation of the confidentiality of 18,000 bank accounts.

According to the organization according to many of these accounts 2010was active in

The end of OCCRP reportat the peak of Credit Suisse Bank 100 billion Bank accounts up to $ 1 billion were analyzed.

The organization claims that, of this 8 billionbribe-paying officials, dictators and their family members, as well as those suspected of criminal activity.

In this study, The New York Times, Le Monde and 48 media outlets around the world, including The Guardian, attended.

Accounts discovered by the OCCRP in the former Soviet republics and He says he is connected to a number of celebrities in the Balkans.

Among them is the former president of Armenia Armen Sargsyanalso has a name.

Eldar Azizov is also mentioned

The report says that, Head of Nakhchivan Vasif Talibovflour boys Rza and Seymour Talibov brothers with suspicious money transfers 20 earned more than a million dollars.

Credit Suisse, Barclays and by opening various accounts in other foreign banks, Rza and Seymour Talibov brothers through dubious money transfers at a time when the people of Nakhchivan were suffering under the authoritarian rule of their fathers 20 earned more than a million dollars.

Another close relative of the Talibovs in the report is Vagif Talibov, a former national Minister of Security Eldar Mahmudovson of flour Anar Mahmudovflour, mayor of Baku Eldar Azizovflour is also named.

The report also covers the past of Kazakhstan and There are also names of people associated with the current presidents.

These are president Kasim-Jomart Tokayevhis ex-wife Nadezhda Tokayevadaughter of the former president Dariqa Nazarbayevathe groom Timur Kulibayevis.

In the study, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Some officials from Kyrgyzstan and the names of their family members are also mentioned.

Credit Suisse said it did not accept the allegations in the report.


Azerbaijan news

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