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Drug smugglers opened fire on border guards and some people were injured

Drug smugglers opened fire on border guards and some people were injured.

This was reported by the Press Center of the State Border Service (SBS).

Reported that, SBS on February 21 at 01:05 Sahil “Kaladahna” of the Southern Regional Department of Security coast Shahag in the service area of ​​the control unitacIn the south of the village, about 40 meters from the shore, there was a Mitsubishi Pajero with two people inside.10-RS-565 ”car with state license plate approaching the area, one of the occupants of the car fell and behaved suspiciously and Observing his surroundings, he took one bag hidden in the bushes and attracted the attention of the border guard.

The suspects, who did not obey the “Stop” order of the border guard, were detained while trying to take the bag from the area and drive away from the scene.

They are residents of Astara region – Agayev, born in 1978 Victim Farhad oglu and Agayeva was identified as Gulshan Vagif gizi, who had previously used drugs during detention according to Convicted G.Agayev resisted and fired several shots from a BLOW-TR-14 traumatic pistol, slightly injuring two members of the border guard. Immediate measures were taken immediately after the naryad serving in the area opened air warning fire, and the servicemen showed courage. and They detained the criminal with high professionalism.

During the inspection of the bag taken from the scene, a total of 16 kg 965 grams of drugs (4 kg 085 grams of marijuana, 9 kg 920 grams of opium, 2 kg 090 grams of methamphetamine) were found. and 870 grams of heroin) were found.

Agayev’s repeated convictions and Taking into account his recognition as a person involved in drug trafficking in the area where he lives, the necessary operational-investigative measures were continued around him, Astara region Police The house where he lived was inspected together with the employees of the department and 1 kg out of 1 bag hidden between shelves in the garage 100 grams of marijuana-like drug were found and confiscated.

The investigation is under way.


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