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Germany ‘Northern Stream-2’ certification is postponed

US President Co. Biden he would say that, Russia If it invades Ukraine, “Nord Stream-2 will no longer exist. I promise you, we will finish it “

Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz he says that, country scandalous “North Stream-2” gas delays the pipeline certification process. This belt Russia gaswould transport it to Germany by the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The decision was made after Russia recognized separatist organizations in the Donbas.

What Scholz told reporters on February 22 according tofrom a government agency 11 billion asked to suspend the certification of the pipeline.

Without certification…

“It simply came to our notice then. But it is an important administrative step, because without the certification of the pipeline, North Stream-2 will not be able to work, “he said.

It is unknown how long this step will delay the launch of the pipeline and when the certification process will resume. Construction of the pipeline has been completed, but has not been launched due to pending final certification.

United States and Some European countries belt snowIt was said that it would increase Europe’s dependence on Russia’s energy supplies.

Washington reports that, This pipeline will cause economic damage to Ukraine, because from Russia gas will allow exports to bypass Ukraine. This will deprive Kiev of billions of dollars a year in transit.

Biden’s promise

According to Scholz according tothe government has decided to “reconsider” the certification of the pipeline due to recent events. “It will take some time, so to speak.” He said.

President of the United States Cho Biden he would say that, Russia If it invades Ukraine, “Nord Stream-2 will no longer exist. I promise you, we will finish it. “

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenski demanded the closure of the pipeline on February 22.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin On February 21, it recognized the separatist republics in eastern Ukraine and decided to send troops to the region.

Zelensky to the steps of Russia according to He called for “immediate sanctions” and a complete cessation of North Stream-2.


Azerbaijan news

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