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Launched in 2018, the Tesla Roadster has already covered 3,208,624,326 km


Tesla Roadster electric car for more than 5 years that, travels in space. It should be noted that, SpaceX company it February 6 2018on Super Heavy sent into space by a heavy rocket. WhereisRoadster According to the website, the electric car was launched into space 5 years ago 3 208 624 326 km distance covered. Electric car in space per hour 77,787 km moves fast. The guaranteed mileage of the electric car has already exceeded 55,000 times. Currently a Tesla Roadster Mars close to the planet. Electric car from Mars 310 million km, 377.77 million km from Earth, From the sun to work 233.4 million km is far away. It should be noted that, last year Tesla Roadster near Mars 8 million km had passed in the distance. Such an event will happen again in 2035.

Azerbaijan news

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