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Scientists have for the first time observed the brain activity of a dying person


A new study by scientists has shown this that, human eyes at the time of death snowthe glass may indeed have been his whole life. Specialists in the framework of the research from epilepsy suffered 87 years old of the person electroencephalography of brain activity observed through. However, the patient had a heart attack and During the investigation, he lost his life. This gave scientists a unique opportunity. So. that, they were able to observe 15 minutes of human brain activity at the time of death. As a result, scientists have determined that, Although the patient’s overall level of brain activity decreased after cardiac arrest, the brain waves became more active. Such waves are gamma rhythms.

This type of brain activity is what a person dreams of and or similar to the activity in the brain when meditating. So scientists think that, a person on the verge of death identifies certain fragments of his life according to can. It should be noted that, Such an observation was made on only one person. In addition, the 87-year-old patient had seizures when he was on the verge of death and Fluid accumulation was observed between brain cells. Such factors may also have influenced the overall observation results. Previous studies on the brain activity of dying mice have shown similar gamma rhythms. This indicates that this is a natural state for many living species.

Azerbaijan news

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