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Biden announces big sanctions package: “Russia will see results”


The United States to Russia snowIt imposes new tough sanctions, as well as restrictions on exports to the country.

US President Joseph on sanctions Biden He made a statement after the meeting of the G7 countries.

The American leader said that, USA and allies will limit Russia’s ability to operate in hard currency.

Putin chose war and will see its consequences. I have strong sanctions and I imposed new restrictions. We have specially designed these sanctions that, let them have long-term effects. I talked to G7 leaders and we all agreed. We are Russia dollarspound sterling and We will prevent it from trading in yen ” Biden he said.

According to Biden according to, Russia The stock market has lost 50 percent of its value Russia Central Bankını and We are blocking $ 1 trillion in assets. We are the second largest, including its largest banks bankWe are freezing the existence of VTB. More 4 bankI blocked and All their assets in the United States will be frozen.

President noted that, USA and Allies’ sanctions will hit Russia’s high-tech sector, as well as its space program: “Our estimates according to, we will cut more than half of high-tech imports to Russia. This will affect their ability to continue to modernize their aircraft. This will reduce their economic competitiveness. The US government is ready to withdraw oil from reserves to reduce fuel prices, if necessary.

Biden International tensions in US energy companies snowglass price increase snowwarned.

US President Joseph Biden Russia leaders Vladimir PutinHe also said he was ready to impose sanctions on Azerbaijan.


Azerbaijan news

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