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In Baku, the company destroyed a citizen’s facility, and some items were stolen


The construction company “AyBir” demolished two objects located at 18 A.Agaoglu Street, Narimanov district of Baku, apartment 2 A at night. The incident took place on December 30 last year. The buildings were demolished until the owners found out about it.

One of the property owners, Tatyana Mammadova, said that, to him because they live in rent and dowry for the bride, expensive household appliances, carpets and other valuables were kept at the facility. Although he went to the area as soon as he heard the news of the demolition, he could not find his valuables under the rubble. and Some household appliances became unusable during the demolition.

Baku City Executive Power 27 April 20Design of multi-storey residential buildings on 78 hectares of land in Narimanov district, Tabriz Street, block 794, including the same area, by order No. 107 of 05 and “Aybir” MTC was put into operation on a lease basis for the construction of

T. Mammadova says that, The company has been relocating homes in the area in stages since about 2013.

“It simply came to our notice then that, That address was the house where we used to live, and then we legally turned it into an object. So. that, We have been registered in that house since 1983. We rented a house with a total area of ​​151 square meters in 1995, ”the complainant said. Adds that, Their property is located on one of the central streets of the city, as well as on the side of the road and For many years it was the family’s only source of income.

According to T. Mammadova according tothe company told them in 2019 snowHe filed a lawsuit in court, demanding that the object be recognized as an ordinary residential area, not as a commercial real estate. Although the court of first instance upheld the company’s claim, the Baku Court of Appeal ruled in their favor: “My son, the owner of the property and She is my daughter, and the company has not met with them or me at least once during this period. Light after the demolition of houses, gas The line was cut, we applied several times, but it was not restored. We could not operate the facility for about 4 years. My daughter has minor children under her care. My son also lives in a rented house with his family. In other words, they obstructed the operation of the facility by creating it with difficulty.

In October last year, the MTC demanded that they assess the facility and Rafael Abbasova, the owner of the other demolished property snowfiled a lawsuit in court. Tatyana Mammadova noted that, On December 17, the object was assessed without their knowledge: “They assessed our object by showing a picture of another apartment. We learned that the company had filed a lawsuit and talked to a lawyer that, join the meetings. We also learned that, was the assessment and The company immediately withdrew its claim.

The complainant said that, On the night of the demolition, the company’s masters said that the order was given by the management. They illegally demolished the facility without warning and Narimanov district 18 with a complaint of theft of a certain part of the goods police appealed to the department. PoliceAfter the complaint, one of the masters said that, While demolishing another house, a bulldozer accidentally destroyed the facility. However, all the rooms were destroyed.

“The price of one window of the facility was more than 1,500 manat. Inside there were 3 doors made of wood, which that, disappeared that night. We were thinking that, After buying a house, we will not need doors and windows, furniture, equipment, my daughter and The belongings of 3 families, including his son, were ready. Now we have nothing left but the dishes we rent and the clothes we wear, ”says Tatyana Mammadova.

The complainant considers that, The facility was deliberately destroyed to put them in a hopeless situation.

Narimanov district to the complaint of property owners Police Considered in the office. The plaintiffs demand not only compensation for the damage, but also the recovery of their lost property.

An employee of AyBir, who introduced himself as the chief accountant, did not want to be named that, demolished house and or the company’s lawyer deals with the facilities. According to him according to, the company has not left anyone out so far. If the facility is demolished, either money or an apartment will be given in return.

However, the company did not want to respond to the commercial real estate, what will be given in return if the facility is demolished in the current situation. (virtualaz)

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