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‘There is no genocide in the Donbas, no Russian soldier is a peacekeeper’

The UN Secretary General said that, “If soldiers of one country enter the territory of another country without permission, they cannot be considered peacekeepers”

The so-called “DPR” recognized by Russia as a state in Ukraine and Genocide does not take place in the People’s Republic of China, as Russia claims.

This was announced by the UN Secretary General on February 23 Antonio Guterres he said.

He added that, Russia If troops enter the Donbas, the UN will not consider them “peacekeepers.”

Guterres said in a statement posted on the UN website that, Donetsk, Russia, Ukraine and Recognition of the independence of some territories in the Luhansk region contributes to the territorial integrity of Ukraine and intends to sovereignty and It contradicts the principles of the UN Charter.

The UN Secretary General said that, “If soldiers of one country enter the territory of another without permission, they cannot be considered peacekeepers.”

Guterres said that, “Distortion of the concept of peacekeeping” is a matter of serious concern.

According to him according to There is an exact interpretation of the term “genocide” and it must be used in accordance with international law.

Guterres said that, In the Donbas, “genocide” does not occur, as Russia claims.

Before that Putin had claimed in a televised speech that, Maidan events in Ukraine in 2014 according to“Cave nationalism” in the Donbas snow4 million people were subjected to “genocide”.

He claimed that, so-called DXR and Recognition of the People’s Republic of China stems from this necessity.

Lavrov criticizes UN Secretary General

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov while he said that, What the UN Secretary General said about the situation in the Donbas does not correspond to his status.

According to Lavrov, Guterres is under the influence of the West.

Russia the minister said that, In any conflict, the UN Secretariat must be “impartial and It should call for a direct dialogue between the parties. “

Lavrov stated that, Guterres has never raised his voice on the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

Russia On February 21, the two separatists recognized the independence of the territories.

The next day Moscow and among the separatists snowfriendship, including military assistance and cooperation agreements have been signed.

With the legislative act adopted by the Federation Council on February 22 Putinallowed the use of armed forces abroad.


Azerbaijan news

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