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“My son voluntarily informed the prosecutor’s office about corruption, and the most severe punishment was given to him.”

Malahat Alakbarova: “Should we be crushed step by step because we do not have a man or money in a high position? I have two war veterans in my house. ”

Ganja resident Malahat Alakbarova says her son was discriminated against.

He reports that, Although his son was involved in corruption along with other officials, the court only sentenced him severely.

It is very easy for the authorities to decide on corruption and Alternative sentences were imposed.

Fake disability and pensions adjusted by length of service

Malahat Alakbarova is a teacher at one of the schools in Ganja. He says that, Two of the three men in her home are Karabakh war veterans. One of his sons, Elchin Alakbarov 20102018State in the years Social Ganja of the Defense Fund Kapaz and He worked in Nizami departments. Previously, he was the head of the Personal Accounting Sector in the Kapaz branch. Since November 2016 2018until June

In Nizami district department Social worked as a senior consultant in the insurance sector. Then he resigned with his application. 2020He has been in custody since June.

Elchin Alakbarov, born in 1987, also served as a member of the commission determining pensions. State while he worked Social He prepared forged documents in both Kapaz and Nizami branches of the Defense Fund. pension took money from people who do not have the right, fake disability for them and is accused of making a pension with work experience.
He is the head of the department where he works, deputy and He is accused of colluding with other people. A total of 7 people were tried in this criminal case as defendants snowremoved from the bottle.

“Even a child knows that, no consultant, the decision is made by the manager “

Ganja Court of Grave Crimes sentenced Elchin Alakbarov to 6 years in prison. One of the two defendants was sentenced to 2 years in prison and the other to 2 years and 6 months in prison. The remaining four were given suspended sentences. It is written in the sentence that, one of them is a woman, one is old, two have health problems and They were given a suspended sentence, taking into account circumstances such as sincere remorse.

Malahat Alakbarova thinks so that, other factors played a role in the court’s approach. He speaks to Meydan TV that, his son has a direct role in exposing these deeds:

“My son himself informed the prosecutor’s office about these actions. That is, this crime was solved thanks to him. He went to the prosecutor’s office and confessed voluntarily. They gave the most severe punishment to my son. The child also knows that, The consultant is no one, the decision-maker is the deputy. What could my son do without them? After the court’s approach, who will go and give information voluntarily? However, the law “If a person is helping to solve a crime, he should be helped.”

“If my son is in prison, why should they be free?”

According to Malahat Alakbarova according to, other defendants who received light sentences have relatives in high positions, and their financial situation is good. The mother is sure that, While his son was sentenced to six years in prison, these factors also played a significant role in the release of these people with light sentences.

Photo: Meydan TV

“I do not want my son to be released. He has committed a crime and is serving his sentence. I say that, no discrimination. Equality of rights, everyone the law snowThere is a principle of equality in the glass. Chairman of Ganja Court of Grave Crimes and judges violated these principles. It showed judgment that, what principles they decided. If they are released, why should my son remain in prison? Or if my son is in prison, why should they be free? Should we be crushed step by step because we do not have a man in a high position, money? I have two war veterans in my house, ”said Malahat Alakbarova.

The mother added that, his son has three minor children.

“I couldn’t live on a salary of 280 manats, to him according to… ”

Elchin Alakbarov testified in court that, He did not take the money in the indictment as a bribe. According to him according toforged a document according to “I did not deceive anyone, I did not cheat,” he said. Those people knew themselves that, these documents are fake. The reason I prepared a fake document was that I had a lot of problems. 2010since 2018I worked until 2006 and received a monthly salary of only 280 manat. How can I support my children with this salary? In the bank credit I had a debt. “

He added that, did not promise anyone. because pension system is such a system that, it is impossible to give an exact word to anyone there.

Fake disability and The defendants jointly reimbursed the damage caused to the state as a result of the provision of long-term pensions.

Says Malahat Alakbarova that, from the bank creditborrowed from a relative, and they also paid the loss.

An appeal has been filed against Elchin Alakbarov. The case will be considered in the Ganja Court of Appeal in the near future.

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