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Aziz’s family, who was captured in Ukraine, spoke

An Azerbaijani citizen has been captured in Ukraine.

This was reported by Ukrainian telegrams.

It is reported that this person is Hagverdiyev Aziz Badirkhan oglu.

Baku TV visited the address mentioned by the detainee in the video and tried to find out the details of the incident from his family.

Aziz’s father Badirkhan Hagverdiyev said that, His son went to Ukraine for education: “State examHe had to return with his diploma. Went there and got stuck. We were in touch until the 15th of the month. I even bought a ticket. I said that, The situation in Ukraine snowIt will burn, get out of there in time. “

His mother, Ulker Guliyeva, said she last spoke to her son on the 21st of the month.

“We sent money, he called that, I got the money. He said, “I’ll let you know, let’s get my ticket.”


Azerbaijan news

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