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RT and Sputnik’s YouTube channels are blocked in Europe

RT and other state-funded media outletsGoogle News “was removed from the news services

Google RT close to Europe Kremlin and Sputnik said the media had blocked YouTube channels.
Owner of YouTube Google wrote in a tweet on March 1 that, This step will take effect immediately, but “it will take time for our systems to fully adapt to it.”
Alphabet, Google’s parent company, told Reuters that, RT and Other state-funded media outlets have been removed from news services, including Google News.

Prevent the spread of misinformation…
Kent Walker, Google’s president of global affairs, said in a blog post that, “To prevent the spread of misinformation in this emergency crisis and We are taking urgent steps to disrupt disinformation campaigns on the Internet. “

A few hours ago Europe Members of the Union Europe They approved the sanctions proposed by the commission. Sputnik and Of RT BritainGermany and Surrounding France, also English and Spanish channels are restricted.
Europe Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on February 27 that, RT and Sputnik is part of the Kremlin’s media machine, the EU says they are toxic in Europe and it must ban harmful misinformation. ”
Dissemination of content in any form…
The rules that the EU will broadcast on March 2 have been obtained by RFE / RL. The document says that, Russia “EU and constantly targeting members of civil society in the neighborhood and conducts organized propaganda, deeply changes the facts and manipulates them.
Russia’s propaganda through the media, “Russia “Under the permanent or indirect control of the leadership of the Federation” and security is serious and posed a direct threat. “
The sanctions are expected to ban the distribution of the content of these two media outlets in the EU in any form, any form of broadcasting.
RT’s main YouTube channel has 4.5 million subscribers.

Apple The company has stopped selling all its products in Russia. Apple In Russia Apple Pay has restricted mobile payment service, Sputnik outside the App Store Russia and Blocked RT applications.


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