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Samsung is accused of artificially lowering the performance of 10,000 applications

From Korea GaryeonHan and Korean netizens nicknamed amateurs 10.000 applications presented a list of and they think that, the performance of the listed applications is likely that, Samsung Game Optimizing Service (GOS) is artificially lowered by. It is assumed that, this process is carried out to extend the life of the devices. Along with the games in the cyan provided Instagram, TikTok, Microsoft Office package, Netflix and s. There are also popular applications such as. This problem also affects Samsung’s own applications. For example Secure Folder, Samsung Cloud, Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass and s. applications can be brought. It is interesting that, on the list 3DMark, AnTuTu, PCMark, GFXBench and Geekbench 5 There are no applications of such benchmarks.

One of the Korean users named the 3DMark package Genshin Impacthas changed to. It should be noted that, Genshin Impact is also on the list of applications that artificially lower performance. As a result of this small experiment, a change was observed in the performance of the renamed benchmark application. So. that, points given by the benchmark and the average frame rate has dropped. It should be noted that, Not all of the GOS application Samsung not installed on smartphones. Android Authority site journalists used in reviews Galaxy S22 could not detect the application on their smartphones. Instead, they implement GOS Galaxy Storefound in However, it could not be installed on smartphones.

On the one hand, it is understandable that the manufacturer seeks a certain balance between performance and service life of the device. However, on the other hand, it is doubtful that there are no benchmarks in the list of applications whose performance is artificially reduced. Likely that, Some users of Samsung devices do not get the performance they expect from their devices. A similar incident took place last year OnePlus 9 had occurred with the series. So. that, The company was optimizing the performance of applications other than benchmark applications on its smartphones. As a result, the company was removed from the Geekbench rating. Samsung has already reacted to this issue and noted that, he is conducting a serious investigation into the matter within the company.

Azerbaijan news

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