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Scientists have observed the largest shock wave in the universe

Astronomers radio range the largest in the universe blow of the wave were able to get a detailed photo. Observed shock wavelength Milk The way from the galaxy 60 times is larger and he is in space to the speed of light already at a near speed 200 million years spreads throughout. According to scientists, the shock wave in question is 2 cluster of galaxies formed as a result of the collision. These studies of scientists Place 730 million light-years from Earth located at a distance Abell 3667 associated with an object called. The object in question is a cluster of galaxies. However, in fact, the Abell 3667 object consists of 2 clusters of galaxies and those balls collided. In total, more than 550 individual galaxies took part in this process.

Most telescopes are unable to observe this process. However, as a result of the collision of balls of galaxies, a huge shock wave was formed and that shock wave is only visible in the radio range. Scientists in the framework of this research MeerKAT used a telescope called According to researchers, the shock wave in question 1 billion il formed before. Exactly 1 billion years ago, two clusters of galaxies, including Abell 3667, began to collide. As a result of the combination of such objects, such a large amount of energy is released that, energy similar to that energy From the big bang has not been excreted so far.

Azerbaijan news

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