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US President Joe Biden wants to ban targeted advertising for children

President of the United States Joe Biden to the US Congress within the scope of the application Facebook, TikTok and other social asked to develop new laws aimed at improving the safety of children in networks. According to him, targeting targeted advertising to users in the lower age category is prohibited and companies should be required to stop collecting information about children. Famous in the opinion of the President social networks apply targeted advertising to children. According to Biden, such a process should be called “experimentation on children.”

U.S. President urges companies to protect confidential information of underage users at a high level and instructed them to stop showing targeted ads. Biden also noted that, he children social related to the study of security issues in networks From the White House will ask for funding. In addition, he received a state budget next year to study the effects of social networks on psychology 5 million dollars will allocate funds. The main purpose of all these processes is children and There will be a guide for teenagers to use such resources.

Azerbaijan news

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