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Microsoft, PayPal, IBM, Adobe, Apple and other companies have suspended operations in Russia

The number of companies suspended in Russia due to the war in Ukraine is growing. Among the companies that have ceased operations in Russia Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, IBM, PayPal, Adobe, Apple and s. var. It should be noted that, In Russia as well Facebook and Instagram also blocked. Representatives of these companies expressed their views on this issue. President of the Board of Directors of Microsoft Brad Smith said that, Microsoft’s products and services in Russia have been suspended. However, he noted that, Employees of the company are shocked by the events in Ukraine. Head of Adobe Shantanu Narayen said on the company’s corporate blog that, Adobe has stopped selling all new products in Russia.

After this Russia citizens Photoshop, Premiere Pro and will not be able to officially purchase other products of the company. It was noted in the report that, Those who have previously purchased Adobe products will be able to continue using them. However, it will not be possible to extend the use of these products. As for Samsung, it has reportedly suspended sales of its smartphones and processors in Russia for some time. Samsung said that, The main reason for this is the existing logistics problems. Mastercard and Visa payment systems have also officially stated that, they are ceasing their activities in Russia.

This was stated in the statements of the payment systems that, Mastercard and Supporting Visa bank cards Russia will continue to work within. But that’s it bank It will not be possible to use the cards outside Russia. It should be noted that, still last week Apple The company officially stopped selling its products in Russia. In addition Meta company in Russia Facebook and Disabled ad targeting for Instagram. After that, both Russian advertisers Russia as well as advertising their products in other countries Facebookin and They will not be able to post on Instagram. Following this decision, Facebook and Instagram were officially blocked in Russia.

Azerbaijan news

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