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A new feature developed by Google will solve the problem of permanent memory shortage on devices

Google the location of the memory stored by the company unused applications 60%-nin free is working on a new feature that will allow it to be. Archived APK This new feature will allow you to archive unused applications. It should be noted that, the user’s data in the application will not be lost during the archiving process. Most of the smartphones currently sold in the market 64 GBhas a higher memory capacity than However, older smartphones have a lower memory capacity. Android to overcome the problem of lack of memory on devices Google The company will soon launch a feature called archived APK.

Instead of deleting the application completely, this function deletes some parts of the application and creates new types of packages. We are talking about an archived APK package and deleting user data from this package snowtakes the bottle. After the launch of this feature, the archiving feature will give great benefits to both users and developers. Users will be able to archive the application instead of deleting it completely. In other words, they are applications that do not use the amount of memory on their devices for a certain period of time free will be able to. Developers already have the ability to integrate this feature into their applications. However, ordinary users will be able to use this new feature around the end of the year.

Azerbaijan news

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