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The main issue on the agenda of the EU summit is Ukraine

From the draft statement of the EU summit: “Ukraine Europe is a member of his family. we Ukraine will strengthen our ties and deepen our partnership with “

Europe March of Union Leaders 10The main topic of the summit, which began at the Palace of Versailles near Paris, France Ukraine is expected to be.

Reuters writes that, of the EU at this summit Russia gasIt is also planned to discuss ways to reduce dependence on drugs.

The report says that, The summit is strong in Ukraine, which has been attacked by Russia political and will express moral support, but no concrete steps are expected for Kiev’s accelerated accession to the EU.

Reuters writes that, The draft statement of the EU summit reads: “Ukraine Europe is a member of his family. We will strengthen our ties with Ukraine and deepen our partnership. “

The report also mentions this that, The issue of enlargement of the European Union has caused disagreement among member states.

The process has actually begun

Both Russiaas well as the Prime Minister of Latvia, which borders Ukraine Krisyanis Karins thinks that, Ukraine can be given the status of “candidate for membership”, but membership is “long.” and It’s a difficult path. “

However, Karins thinks that, It is important to send a clear message to Ukraine that the door to the union is open to it.

For Ukraine’s early accession FrancePoland, the Baltic countries are in favor, but the Netherlands, for example, is of this opinion that, there is no need to change the time limit of the union membership process.

Ukraine has already signed an association agreement with the EU and block Kyiv There is close cooperation between.

Ukraine is included in many EU programs.

That’s it according to Some diplomats also say that Ukraine’s EU membership process has actually begun.

Russia at the Versailles summit snowAn agreement on the expansion of sanctions is expected to be reached.

Decisions at the EU summit are made with the consent of each of the 27 members.


Azerbaijan news

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