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Fast charging technology for Galaxy S22 + and S22 Ultra provides 45 watts of charging power in just 1 minute

New Galaxy S22 + and S22 Ultra smartphones 45 watts support fast charging technology. It should be noted that, last year Galaxy S21 models 25 watts support fast charging technology. But it turned out that, The fast charging technology implemented in the new smartphones does not make a significant difference. So. that, SamsungThe charger provides maximum charging power in a very short time. Galaxy S22 + and S22 Ultra smartphones do not have a charger. The receiver also has a 45-watt charger adapter $ 50should take. So amateurs 5000 mAh They tested the charging speed of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which has a powerful battery.

It turned out that, 45 watt charger adapter smartphone 100%with energy 62 minutes provides. A smartphone with a 25-watt charging adapter 100% energy 70 minutes collects during. As you can see, the difference between the indicators is not so great. According to the information Galaxy S22 + and 45 watt power adapter for S22 Ultra Samsung Fast Charging 2.0 supports the standard. 25-watt charging adapter Samsung Fast Charging has the support of the standard. Appointed as part of tests that, The 45-watt charging adapter provides maximum power only 1 minute provides within.

Energy capacity during the rest of the charging process 30 watts provided in the indicator. And this in turn is why according to It clearly shows that there is no big difference between a 45-watt charger and a 25-watt charger. It was noted in the report that, Limiting the power of the charger adapter is considered as a step taken to make the battery in the smartphone last longer. However, if the user has a 25-watt charger, he does not need to buy a 45-watt charger. So. that, the buyer will not notice any significant difference between these adapters.

Azerbaijan news

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