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Russia’s allegations have been criticized by the Security Council

The United States is no exception that, Moscow disseminated unconfirmed information about its biological and or prepares the ground for chemical attacks

UNhas no information on the development of any biological weapons in Ukraine.

Do this on March 11 UN On the disarmament of the organization at a meeting of the Security Council ali representative Idzumi Nakamisu he said.

UN To hold this meeting of the Security Council Russia demanded. Earlier, Moscow accused the United States of developing such programs.

Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Vasily Nebenzya claimed on March 11 that, Ukraine Laboratories in the United States are conducting research to develop biological weapons with the support of the US Department of Defense.

Moscow has made these allegations in the past without any evidence.

Washington and Kyiv They deny Moscow’s claims.

“Complete nonsense”

The United States is no exception that, Moscow’s own biology by disseminating unconfirmed information and or prepares the ground for chemical attacks.

At the Security Council meeting on March 11, the US Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield he said that, The possibility that Moscow may convene this meeting in order to divert attention from its attack in Ukraine is a matter of serious concern:

“Russia has a history of blaming others for its illegal actions in other countries.”

British Representative to the UN Barbara Woodward He called Moscow’s claims “complete nonsense.” and he said that, Moscow “sinks to new depths” and The Security Council should not follow him.

Before that Russia Russian radiological and biological forces and Commander of the chemical attack defense troops Igor Kirillov claimed that, A network of 30 laboratories, allegedly commissioned by the Pentagon, has been uncovered during fighting in Ukraine.

This claim Ukraine Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmitro Kuleba during a meeting with Antalya Sergey Lavrov also sounded.


Azerbaijan news

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