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How Much Money Does Apple Make by Removing Headphones and Chargers from iPhone Boxes?

2020starting from Apple company iPhone already in the boxes of smartphones EarPods does not place headphones. Shortly after the decision, the company also deprived the boxes of smartphones from charging adapters. Right now and or in the case of another iPhone model, in addition to the smartphone itself, there is only a charging cable. Apple The company said it took such a step to protect the environment. But others see another reason. So. that, headphones and Removing the charging adapters from the boxes did not affect the final prices of iPhone models. And that means that, the company receives additional income as a result of such a decision.

2 years ago Apple reported that, iPhone boxes from headphones and depriving it of charging adapters, which it has been for years 2 tons of carbon waste will lower. Environmentalists are positive about this step snowthey whispered. However, the decision in question snowThere were also people who came out. According to the calculations of these people, the boxes are made of headphones and Apple in general by depriving it of charging adapters 6.5 billion dollars gained additional income. It is assumed that, Apple could also lower the final prices of iPhone models. So. that, The boxes of smartphones are already more compact and as a result, their transportation costs are reduced.

According to the report, after the removal of the headphones and chargers from the boxes, Apple around the world 190 million units were able to sell smartphones. Extra accessories out of the box on each sold iPhone model $ 34 allowed to make savings. In addition to headphones and The company as a whole from separate sales of charging adapters 293 million dollars earned income. Of course that, These calculations do not take into account the increase in component prices observed in recent years. However, the company was able to reduce costs without lowering the final price of iPhone models.

Azerbaijan news

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