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The cars of the chief executive and his deputy “crashed” and caused a serious accident

Head of Beylagan District Executive Power and The service cars of his deputies caused a serious traffic accident in the center of the region.

Our sources in the region told about the details of the incident:

“The driver of the chief executive named Hussein and After eating and drinking at the wedding, the drivers of the other two deputies began racing at high speed in the center of the district. As a result execution The president’s service car crashed into the sidewalk and collided with the deputy chief’s car. Another VAZ-07 brand as a result of the incident caralso damaged. At the time of the accident execution The driver of the deputy chief, Yegana, was also in the chief’s service car.

As a result of the accident execution three government service drivers were injured. The cars were severely damaged. It is reported that the condition of the chief executive’s driver is very serious. All three drivers are currently in Beylagan Central Hospital. Our attempts to learn the attitude of the Beylagan Executive Power to the incident were not successful. According to sources in Beylagan according to, the chief executive is not currently in the district. That’s exactly what happened to him according to It is reported that he was summoned to Baku.

We present exclusive photos from the scene:

Azerbaijan news

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