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“Tomorrow you will have to sign a capitulation act,” Lukashenko threatened Zelensky

Russia President Vladimir Putin Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyb completelyb mbacceptance agreement option tbis a cliff. Today Ukraine vb Russia’s agreement gblmbsi vb Zelensky’s Putinb signing this agreement hblb db possible”.

This was stated by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in Japan’s TBS TV channelina interviewerbsindb saybyib.

A.gbr Zelenski Putinlb If he does not conclude an agreement, then he will have to sign the act of capitulation. Russia this is a warbdb will not lose. We do that 100% bminik. A tbrbfin qblbbbsi ilb bitbn warbnin nb ilb nbticblb“Japan knows this better than anyone else.”bt said the head.

Belarus is the leader of Ukrainebsinb snowcontinues the escalationbcbyi tbqdirdb answer tbdbirlbri seebcbHe stressed: “Nbyi nbzbrdb I hold: February 23-24b they are Belarus brazisinb zbrbb they were planning to shoot. This barbdb I talked. 4 directionsbtdbn. We are ahead of it. They are our statebtsbrhbdimiz aircraft, helicopter vb s. toolblbrlb they break. ”

Notebk that, Russia Armed Forcesblbri Belarus brazisindbn Used as a platform to attack Ukraine from the northb is, from there hbm dry, hbm weather forceblbsend rinibrir vb rocket launches truebklbşdirir.

At the same time, the war in Belarushas not yet fully joined. Although the territory of the country was used as a platform for the attack, the participation of the Belarusian army in the war was not recorded.

On the one hand, the expert said that the Belarusian army is very weak and It is associated with Lukashenko’s fear of numerous losses. On the other hand, some sources say that the Belarusian military has categorically refused to take part in the war.


Azerbaijan news

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