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Britain has revoked the license of RT TV channel

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that, this is a dangerous tendency for Europeans themselves

British media regulator Ofcom is Russia’s state RT TV channelANO TV Novosti, the country’s owner, has revoked its broadcasting license.

The decision of Ofcom came into force from the moment of its decision.

The media regulator made its decision RT TV channelThe “majority” of violations of the principle of impartiality committed by and potential danger. ”

Conversation RT TV channelof Russia to Ukraine snowIt is based on materials disseminated since the beginning of the military intervention.

Ofcom RT is currently investigating 29 possible violations of the war in Ukraine.

Ofcom reminded that, RT has faced sanctions in Britain before and including 20A fine of 0,000 euros was imposed.

Kremlin suspends RT license for “gross violation of freedom of speech” and “America and Europe anti-Russia continuation of his madness. “

Putin’s spokesman Dmitri Peskov he said that, this is a dangerous tendency for Europeans themselves.

Parliament pressure

Since the beginning of Russia’s intervention in Ukraine Britain Many cable services have removed RT from the air.

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Conson in response to MPs’ demands to ban RT broadcasts that, this issue is not within the competence of the government.

But he added that, will contact Ofcom for consideration.

Previously, RT TV broadcasts Europe The union was banned, and the channel’s US office was closed.

Russia power usually in such cases Britain broadcaster to the BBC snow“symmetrical” response measures would be taken.

However, as soon as the war broke out in Ukraine, the BBC’s Russian service was blocked in Russia.

The BBC reported the Russian service that, It will continue broadcasting to Russia from other countries.


Azerbaijan news

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