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He killed his roommate in Gadabay and fled to Armenia

2020March 11,b Gbdbbby district Novosaratovka kbndindb Daryurd kbnd resident, 1996 il il tbvbllüdüd Hbsbnova Qbşbng Ramadan’s daughter was killedbsi hadithbsinin tbfbrrüatları mblum.

Mammadov, a resident of Novosaratovka village, born in 1972, was killed as a result of the investigation Anar Compare committed by his son. After the incident Anar Mammadov crossed the state border, crossed the mountains on foot and entered the territory of Armenia and He was captured by Armenian soldiers there.

A.Mammadov captured in the direction of Artanis village of Gegharkunik region of the Republic of Armenia through the International Committee of the Red Cross 28 January In 2021 Russia He was handed over to the State Security Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan by peacekeepers.

120.1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan (premeditated murder) and 318.1 (protected state border of the Republic of Azerbaijan without established documents and or crossing the state border outside the checkpoints).

The murdered G. Hasanova, born in 1996 and The perpetrator, A.Mammadov, was previously married. Hasanova led a light life after her divorce and He left his mother’s house in Daryurd village and started living with Mammadov in Novosaratovka. In some cases, he met people Anarbrought to his house. One day before the murder, Anar Gashang and the woman’s mother visited the house in Daryurd. At that time, a person living in the neighborhood entered the house with shoes. Anar told the person that he had entered the old woman’s house with shoes according to remarked. There was a dispute between them.

A day later, when he was at home in Novosaratovka, Gashang cursed Anara, criticizing the argument that had taken place the day before. After cursing and kicking him, Anar also beat him and hit his head on the hard objects in the house. After seeing that the woman was dead, he went to the Armenian border and avoiding posts snowmoved to the right. There, the Armenian military captured Anar Mammadov.

After it became clear that Anar Mammadov was transferred to Armenia, Azerbaijan placed him on the international wanted list through Interpol. (


Azerbaijan news

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