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Tokayev’s generous plan … – 24 hours

Qabil Abbasoğlu

The changes announced by Kazakh President Kasym Jomart Tokayev in his address to the nation two days ago are Kazakhstan and in general, a real innovation for the post-Soviet space and can be considered a positive example.

President available in the country super-president stronger than the form of government parliamenthave president offered to move to the republic. He’s from the country political announces transition to reforms that promise significant changes to the system:

– The head of state, as well as akims (judges – regional execution head of government) and heads of power structures political they cannot be members of the party.

– It is forbidden for the president’s relatives to hold high government positions.

Parliament snowThe light will be elected by proportional representation – 70 percent proportional, 30 percent majoritarian.

– Akims (mayors) will be elected.

Political registration of parties is easier.

– The Constitutional Court is established.

What is remarkable about Tokayev’s proposals is that his authoritarian system, which still exists in the country, is diversified and intends to replace the system with a strong control mechanism.

“The long-term interests of the state are an additional lever of power for me and or more important than the ability to control the situation. Monopoly in politics is different social to troubles and leads to the degradation of the state. Today, everything depends on the president and that’s not true “ – Tokayev said.

One of the most important proposals in the reform package of the President of Kazakhstan is the proposal of the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan (the country) national Advisory body established under the President to formulate policy – ed.) parliament reduction of the quota in the upper house, in the lower house 10 and the abolition of the interest rate quota. Tokayev said that, to any person and no special privileges should be created for the institution.

New offers according to, parliament the Senate, which is the upper house, may or may not approve the laws. Only the lower house – the Assembly – will be engaged in drafting laws.

One of the important changes for the political system is the simplification of party registration. Tokayev offers that, reducing the number of members required for registration by 4 times, 20 to be reduced to one thousand to five thousand people. This will accelerate the process of political organization in society and it would be a change that would help enrich the democratic spectrum.

Tokayev proposed to create three new administrative-territorial units in the country. Newly created Abay, Ulutau and Jetisu provinces have played an important role in the historical formation of the Kazakh people. Let `s note that, This proposal is appreciated in Kazakh society, political parties, and even Tokayev’s potential political rivals and Is assessed as a “strong departure”.

In the reform package social-There are many proposals in the economic sphere.

At present, the sensitivity of the political system in Kazakhstan and Because of its democratic potential, we believe that Tokayev’s plans will soon be closely followed by anyone with an interest in the region. Great effort to carry out the process and requires resources, but the result is the country and may be for the benefit of society.

We must also take it into account that, To the territory of Kazakhstan, geostrategic position, economic potential according to is the largest Turkish state in the region. Nothing else, if Tokayev’s proposals are implemented normally, Kazakhstan will soon be able to become one of the locomotive countries of the Turkic world, and Tokayev will become an important player among the leaders of Turkic-speaking countries.

Of course that, As local political technologists say, against the background of Russia’s current aggressive behavior, the country’s leader in his address to the nation Ukraine There is a lack of space for the problem. Even if this step is intended to “distract” from the issue, the reform package promises significant prospects for Kazakhstan itself, its internal development and its importance in the Turkish geography.

Of course, only two months ago, he invited a foreign military force to the country, to his own people snowThese steps, to put it mildly, may not seem sincere at first glance. As many experts say, Tokayev is not a democratically elected leader according to It is doubtful that he is a sincere democrat. But what has happened so far is history. Kazakhstan’s largest neighbor, which has lived under political pressure for many years Russia also now previous Russia not. Moreover, Tokayev himself is experienced and is a professional diplomat. Like everyone else, history has given him an opportunity. Now he has this opportunity and It can also become a formula for the salvation of the country, gain time with false promises, and roll into the archives of history. Choice Kasim-Jomart bey and It belongs to the people of Kazakhstan. Or there are, have been and will be more in the country than those documents, those packages, those reform promises. If it is not true, in Erdogan’s words, what happens, what happens olmasa

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