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Fraudsters used this method to steal money from the account

A criminal gang called Cryptorom has been distributing fake apps for cryptocurrencies among iOS users. Bypassing the security system in an interesting way “Apple”Any smartphone and tablet user organized this cybercrime victimcan be converted to.

In the organization of such cybercrime “Apple TestFlight ”system was used. The system helps developers distribute beta versions of their applications before they are made available to users in the App Store.

Scammers use this system toApple”Spread malware among users without the company’s knowledge.

Developers through TestFlight and or to participate in the beta version of another application 10.000 people can invite users. reports that, In this case, those beta versions are not tested by the App Store platform. So. that, TestFlight is designed to go through a beta test before the software is fully operational.

As a result, Apple did not know that, The scammers used this system to distribute their malware among users under the guise of beta testing. Thus, any iOS user with TestFlight can download malware on their device.

The process of downloading the application to the device via this system is very simple. So. that, the developer can create a shared link for download instead of inviting users via email separately. Of the said fraud scheme victimSome users have reported that, They were asked to download an application similar to the BTCBOX application.

Let `s note that, BTCBOX is actually an application of the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, experts have found fake sites that describe themselves as a company engaged in cryptocurrency mining called BitFury.

These sites were involved in the spread of fake applications through TestFlight. Specialists are currently looking for other applications from a group called Cryptorom./technote

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Fraudsters used this method to steal money from the account
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