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There are serious losses: the Kadyrovites were sent home

After serious losses Russia Units of the army consisting of Chechen fighters – “Kadyrovists” were returned to Grozny. Ukraine The media is here Ukraine Informs the Security Service (UTX).

Ukrainskaya Pravda writes that, Russia Chechen fighters of the army – so-called “Kadyrovists” in honor of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov lost hundreds of battles during the war.

RFE / RL reports that, UTX’s counter-intelligence estimates the number of “Kadyrovite” casualties and He announced the names of their commanders, as well as the details of their Russian intervention.

Many Russian telegrams broadcast footage of a military rally in the basement on March 13 with the participation of Ramzan Kadyrov. It was claimed that, shooting Ukraine was carried out a few kilometers from Kiev. But the intelligence is sure that, Kadyrov was not in Ukraine. March 13 is that day that, “Kadyrovites” Kyiv He was deported from Belarus to Belarus and returned to Chechnya.

Let `s note that, The involvement of Chechen fighters in the invasion of Ukraine has been reported since the early days of the war.


Azerbaijan news

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