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Samsung Galaxy is the most popular brand of counterfeit smartphones made in China

Famous AnTuTu The most popular brand of counterfeit smartphones made in China from March last year to February this year, according to a report submitted by the benchmark site Samsung Galaxy was. According to the information, during the mentioned period, it generally belongs to different brands 12,147,275 units The smartphone has passed AnTuTu tests. This is from smartphones Of the number 482,361 It was found to be a fake smartphone. AnTuTu noted that, counterfeit smartphones 110,000 numbers Developed under the name Samsung Galaxy.

According to Business Korea, Samsung has previously entered the Chinese market 30%had what. Now this figure is rapidly declining. The main reason for this is the rapid growth of Chinese smartphone manufacturers and as a result, they are pushing Samsung out of the entire Chinese market. In addition, counterfeit versions of smartphones from Korean manufacturers are being developed on a larger scale. It was noted in the report that, Galaxy S22 Ultra Copies of the smartphone model went on sale immediately after the release of the original version and total 100 $ sold at a price.

Azerbaijan news

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