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6,000 missiles from London to Ukraine, $ 33 million in aid

Boris Johnson: “We are a Russian city in Ukraine and We can’t stand outside and watch their villages blow up “
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on March 23 that, His country will send an additional 6,000 missiles to Ukraine, which has been invaded by Russia and Kyivwill provide $ 33 million in financial assistance.
Conson NATO and He said on the eve of the G7 summits that, The ammunition to be sent is mainly anti-tank missiles and will consist of highly explosive weapons:
“The United Kingdom is a military power at a time when it is turning its back on Ukraine and increasing economic support and will work with our allies to strengthen its defense. We are a city in Ukraine, Russia and We can’t stand outside and watch their villages blow up. “
Britain reports the Prime Minister’s Office that, Johnson to Moscow’s actions at the Brussels summits snowwill put pressure on Western allies to intensify the reaction.
The report says that, Prime Minister to increase defense support to Ukraine and To Russia snowwill call for a doubling of sanctions.
A while ago Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky took to the streets to protest Russia’s intervention in his homeland protest called to do:
Ukraine Take to the streets with symbols of freedom and support life. Go to your squares and streets. Do so that, let them see you and let them hear. “


Azerbaijan news

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