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Some drugs in Russia ‘disappeared’

According to experts, Russia’s import markets will end when the shock of sanctions and companies leaves and local production can be adapted to this

Russia has faced tough Western sanctions since invading Ukraine last month. RFE / RL correspondent Alexander Pugachev writes that Russians are concerned about rising drug prices and a shortage of prescription drugs.

He recently underwent heart surgery Yelena Dmitriyeva must constantly take four different medications. All of these drugs are imported and It is rarely found in Rostov-on-Don, where the woman now lives.

“There is no queue, but I have to go to all the pharmacies for one medicine. My son went to many pharmacies and disappeared.” – he told Current time.

15 percent decline forecast

Living in Menzelinsk on the banks of the Volga River Nailya Musina also faced the same problem, ovarian cancer snowcan’t find the medicine he needs to get the bottle. Fortunately, her daughter lives in Turkey, found a similar drug and sent it by mail.

Russia is currently experiencing a shock not seen since the early 1990s. At that time, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, they tried to establish a market system in the country’s economy. This time Russia Occupying Ukraine according to It is under Western sanctions. Many foreign companies are suspending operations or leaving Russia altogether.

Some calculations according toThe Russian economy may shrink by 15 percent in 2022.

There are already reports of shortages of basic products such as sugar and buckwheat in various parts of the country. Medications are also increasingly difficult to find.


It is unknown at this time whether the shortage is due to declining imports or panic attacks. But regardless of the reason, it is known that, Russia’s domestic drug production is weak, and most prescription drugs in the country come from abroad and are manufactured by foreign companies.

Bayer of Germany, Pfizer of the USA and Eli Lilly transnational companies have already reduced either exports or production.

RBK business newspaper Moscow There has been a shortage of fever-reducing or painkillers for children, such as paracetamol, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen.

Complaints of starvation are heard not only from patients but also from doctors. In a survey of 3,317 doctors conducted from March 14 to 21, most respondents said they were short of more than 80 medicines.

After the shock is over…

According to experts, Russia’s import markets will end when the shock of sanctions and companies leaves and local production can be adapted to this. For example, India, a huge pharmaceutical industry, has not joined Western sanctions.

However, the Russian government is wary of possible internal disobedience. To war snowThere have been some protests, analysts say inflationbrzaThey say rising prices, food or medicine shortages could exacerbate the protests.

Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko told state television on March 19 that, The price of important, vital medicines “has not risen, there is no problem.”

New rules

Parliament The rules adopted by the lower house on March 22 are prescription drugs, other medical aims to produce equipment in Russia.

Former representative of several American pharmaceutical companies Alexander KurmishkinAccording to him, the supply problems of imported drugs are a temporary phenomenon.

“I know this from experience,” he said that, As a rule, foreign suppliers value and understand the Russian market that, The state does its job in relation to our patients “, He said.


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