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“My wife was killed, I ran away …” – Desperate residents of the Kyiv railway station

Seymour Kazimov, Kyiv

Oleksandr opens his tablet and from the last Chernigovo region KyivIndicates a 3-day escape plan. Copied several maps of the area to the device’s memory that, can insure himself without internet. He made a serious plan on the map – he crossed rivers, fields, forests, valleys, roads and reached the capital.

Alexander’s escape route

He does not say his last name and does not want his photo to be presented.

“I decided on March 23 that, Departure from Chernigovo region. It is true that the war was going on in the center – in Chernigovo itself, but the situation in the outskirts is not good. Russian troops destroyed all strategic bridges as they passed through the province. Locals repaired the blown up bridges by hand that, Let there be no connection between the villages. “

He crosses one of these bridges and enters the villages, but here he realizes that a greater danger awaits him, and acts more cautiously.

“I was working that, I avoided entering the villages, even when I saw a peasant in the distance. People are scared. They can even kill their own people. Everyone is suspicious of each other. New the law accepted that, local saboteur and can kill the invading soldier. Who will you prove to? that, are you not an enemy What will the dead prove to whom? ”

He saw a lot of useless Russian equipment on the road. Half was out of order and half had run out of fuel.

“Several crushed cars snowcame out of the pants. Ukraine were numbered cars, most likely that, they were crushed by a tank. ”

Oleksandr Chernigovo was imprisoned. In 2019, he was deported and sentenced to four and a half years in prison. March this year 20was released in

Friends who contacted him a few days before his release said that, her husband was killed by Russian servicemen. He was seriously injured, was hospitalized for three days and then died. He was buried 15 days ago.

Father of Oleksandr and His mother lived in a basement in Kherson. The city is currently under occupation.

“The humanitarian corridor is closed. People still that, reserve brzağı var. But it is not difficult to imagine what will happen after this. Although the Russians themselves brought humanitarian aid, people did not stand close to them. Later, vulnerable groups, especially pensioners, began to receive this assistance.

Russian soldiers entering Kherson in 2014 told them snowis looking for locals who fought. Looks at their military tickets and leads in an unknown direction.

“It simply came to our notice then. We do not know what they are doing to them. There is no information about 30 people I know personally. ”

Oleksandr says that, now his only duty is to protect the Motherland.

As soon as the interview is over, he gets a call and explains his route to someone.

He looks at his tablet again, this time with photos of his late wife…


Lyudmila Rebenina

Kyiv One of the temporary residents of the station is Lyudmila Rebenina. He was born in 1945 and has lived in Kiev since 1958 and for the first time in his life that, leaves the city under duress. Lives around Kyiv and to what he said according to, Russia troops are 25-30 kilometers from his house. He endured for a month and did not want to leave his house until the end.

“I am tired, my nerves can’t stand it. How many gunshots can be heard every day? I also have a nephew with a health problem. The reason I left was not because I was afraid of the Russian soldier, I did not want to that, let these people insult me ​​when they occupy my house tomorrow. Can’t you see how they behave? Destroys houses, snowThey eat meat and treat people like animals. ”

Lyudmila’s father is Russian and her mother is Ukrainian. He lost his father when he was seven years old. After that he settled in Ukraine.

“When I was born, World War II was over, but the tragedies it brought years later, hunger, poverty, destitution… I lived through it all. I do not remember when I was a child that, I will eat my whole sausage and bread, you must have shared it with someone. ”

He says that, He did not believe that Putin would go to war. Thoughtful that, he prepared Ukraine with this and scares the world.

“It simply came to our notice then that, let such madness. One side of me is Russian, but we need to speak openly. Today, the Russians are occupying my territory, and I am leaving the house where I have lived for many years. “

When Lyudmila left home, the meat and fat in the refrigerator and distributed other products among neighbors.

He was waiting for us to get on the train when we said goodbye. Going to the west of Ukraine. From there to Europe…

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