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Whatsapp tests sending files up to 2 GB on Android and iOS

Famous Whatsapp messenger users are currently on each other only 100 MB can send files of up to. However, this limit will be raised in the near future. So. that, some users of the beta version of the popular messenger Android and iOShave the ability to send large files in. According to the information, users living in Argentina Whatsapp inside 2 GBwere able to send files up to. It is known that, chat, Whatsappwhich is for Android,, and Which is for iOS goes from numbered beta versions. That this useful opportunity is still in the testing phase according to It is unknown when it will be available to everyone.

In addition, this feature can be activated only for a limited number of users. But if the messenger offers this opportunity to everyone, it will be in great demand. As the quality of smartphone cameras improves, so does the volume of photos taken through them. That’s it according to It is also inconvenient to send such high-volume files through traditional methods. Support for sending high-volume files on WhatsApp, in turn, can solve this problem. If this feature is enabled, it is not known whether users will be able to send the files they want to send in the original quality. So. that, messenger is currently compressing the sent files. This in turn reduces the quality of the files.

Azerbaijan news

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