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Special hydropanels convert air anywhere in the world into clean drinking water

Bill Gates engaged in the manufacture of special hydropanels that receive water from the air Source Global supported a startup called. In general, this startup is over 150 million dollars acquired investment. Hydropanels developed by startups are very useful in regions where people need clean drinking water. The principle of operation of hydropanels is the absorption of water vapor from the air and based on its compression into an aggregate. Under the influence of sunlight, the hydropanel system converts molecules into clean drinking water and this water is collected in the storage compartments of hydropanels.

Hydropanel designed for this process University of Arizona operating within Ira Fulton teacher of the School of Engineering named after Cody Friesen Developed in 2014 by. 2018In, 40 hydropanels were installed in Kenya. “It simply came to our notice then and Using the air, we can get clean drinking water anywhere in the planet. In this way, we turn water into a renewable resource, ”said Cody Friesen. Cody Friesen’s invention is already used in 450 different projects in 52 countries. The cost of a hydropanel made by a startup 2000 $ contane.

Azerbaijan news

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