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New information has been provided about the design of the iPhone 14 Pro and the main camera

Apple will be the company’s flagship this year iPhone New information about the model has emerged. Conversation, iPhone 14 Progoes from. Insiders provided sketches about the design of the smartphone, as well as information about its main camera. Thus, according to the design sketches submitted by insiders, this year the traditional protrusion on the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro will be replaced by two small protrusions placed on the screen. One of them will be round and the other will be oval. The diameter of the protrusion will be circular 5.59 mmwhile the diameter of the protrusion will be oval 7.15 mm will form. Those protruding parts have a front camera Face ID will integrate the system.

It should be noted for comparison that, iPhone 13 Pro MaxThe diameter of the protruding part on the screen 26.83 mm contane. In addition, insiders said that, The iPhone 14 Pro’s screen bezels will also be thinner. So. that, their thicknesses 1.95 mm will form. It was noted in the report that, The most important of the rear cameras of the iPhone 14 Pro 48 MPwill be Apple The height will be slightly longer, as the company will switch to a 48 MP camera lens. In addition, the company can implement the technology of merging neighboring pixels in the cameras of iPhone 14 models. This technology increases the light sensitivity of the camera matrix and As a result, it is possible to take high-quality photos in a poorly lit environment. The iPhone 14 smartphone series is expected to launch in September this year.

Azerbaijan news

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