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The Kepler telescope has discovered Jupiter’s twin, 17,000 light-years away

According to scientists, it was discovered K2-2016-BLG-0005Lb new called exoplanet it can be said Jupiterin is a copy. So. that, the exoplanet in question has approximately the same mass as Jupiter and the distance between which is with its own star and Jupiter The sun close to the distance between. Kepler telescope 20Since 09 2018He was engaged in the search for exoplanets until Thanks to data obtained through the telescope, astronomers have given planetary status to about 3,000 objects and An additional 3,000 facilities are awaiting approval.

Scientists are still analyzing the data obtained over the years. During the study of data obtained through the telescope in 2016, scientists discovered 27 space objects. Among these objects found, they confirmed that, An object called K2-2016-BLG-0005Lb is an exoplanet and he is from Earth 17,000 light-years located at a distance. Scientists have determined that, the mass of the exoplanet in question is from the mass of Jupiter 1.1 times is great and from his own star 4.4 AV (astronomical unit / 1 AV = 149,597,870 km) rotates at a distance. It should be noted for comparison that, The average distance between Jupiter and the Sun. 5.2 AV contane.

Azerbaijan news

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