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What Russian military units were in Bucha?

Witnesses in the corner said that the door of their apartment was broken with a sling and Russian soldiers took their relatives. Photos of the corpses in the basements were spread

Investigators are gathering evidence as the bodies of civilians are being collected from the streets of the Ukrainian city of Bucha. RFE / RL occupied the city Russia tracked down some of the armed units.

March 11, Russia’s 76th Guards weather Commander of the artillery unit of the attack division Gennady Bayur He was killed in Bucha. Information about his death VK social The information was spread in the media company. Bayur 234th weather was the commander of the attack regiment.

A soldier of the 64th Motorized Rifle Brigade either lost his phone in Bucha or his phone was confiscated after he was killed there. Ukraine intelligence released a screenshot of the phone found in Bucha.


In the corner Russia soldiers reportedly killed civilians. Some of them were executed en masse, some were handcuffed behind their backs. Some were shot in the head.

Russia The presence of military units in Bucha or other Ukrainian cities cannot be considered evidence of war crimes. However, the photos, videos, testimonies of witnesses and the fact that the city was under the control of the Russian army for more than a month are the crimes. according to is a strong argument for the responsibility of the Russians.

Ukraine forces entered Bucha on April 1. It is unknown whether the Russian troops left on March 31 or earlier.

On April 3 Ukraine Presidents Volodymyr Zelenskis advisor Alexey Arestovich Buçaya, Kyiv two more from the region – Irpin and Published a list of Russian military units stationed in Gostomel.

76th Division

76th on the list The weather 104th Division of Attack and There were 234th Air Assault Regiments.

Located in the northwestern Russian city of Pskov, this division is Soviet and Russia is known in its military history for its fighting prowess and brutality. 20In the early 2000s, paratroopers from the 76th Division were accused of killing peaceful Chechens during the Second Chechen War.

Just about Bayur’s death social The media post also shows that there are paratroopers in Bucha.

In a video released by the Ukrainian side on March 26 Timofey Bobov spoke a Russian prisoner named that, On February 24, his unit was ordered to enter Ukraine and clear Gostomel or Bucha. Allegedly, Bobov was ordered that, to enter apartments in residential buildings with ling, to take people there to the basements. He did not say what happened to them.

Although RFE / RL could not independently confirm what happened in the video, witnesses in Bucha also said that the door of their apartment was broken with a sling and that Russian soldiers were taking relatives away. Photos of corpses were also spread in the basements.

64th Motorized Rifle Brigade

Arestovich’s list includes the 64th Motorized Rifle Brigade. The headquarters of this brigade is in the Khabarovsk region.

On April 3, the Ukrainian military’s Telegram channel broadcast a screenshot of a Russian soldier’s mobile phone that was allegedly found in Bucha.

RFE / RL identified the 29-year-old Khabarovsk resident as linked to the Instagram account in the screenshot. Although the radio could not find out whether the man was in the 64th Brigade, he did social Soldiers of the brigade can be seen in the photos in the media.

The Ukrainian military intelligence agency is a soldier from the 64th Brigade and spread the names of the officers. However, this list could not be confirmed independently.

Social media profile of the killed soldier

Kyiv Among the other units surrounding it was the 331st Guards Air Regiment of the 98th Division.

RFE / RL found a social media profile on the list of soldiers killed, apparently serving in the 56th Guards Air Assault Regiment.

The Russian government has sent troops to Bucha, Kyiv says it has not killed civilians in other cities in the region. Russian officials claim without proof that, Ukraine and Photo spread in the Western media and videos were staged.

The US-based human rights group Human Rights Watch is interviewing Bucha residents and gathering evidence. The organization concluded that “obvious war crimes” were committed in areas under Russian control.


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